"Dahab", once a small Bedouin fishing town, it's now one of the Red Sea's top diving resorts, attracting thrill-seekers, nature lovers., Dahab means "GOLD", and the city was named that because of its golden sand beaches. which is located an hour's drive from Sharm El Sheikh.

Dahab is bursting with activity, yet it also provides a stress-free seaside atmosphere where visitors can just sit back and enjoy the many shades of blue of its waters. 

Dahab consists of (from the north to the south);

"Ras Abu Galuom", which is a protected area and an amazing spot for diving, the "Blue Hole" which is the most famous diving location in Dahab and in all of Sinai and considered the world's deadliest diving spot., then there is the "Asia" area which hosts more than 75% of the city's population in three small towns: "Mubarak, Al Zarnook, and Al Asia," which is the most famous section of Dahab. It includes a lot of small camps, beaches, and Bedouin houses and cafes.

Another very interesting part of Dahab is "Al Masbat", the most famous commercial and touristic section of Dahab. This area starts at Al Fanar Street that then there is Al Masbat Bay which is full of many stores that sell all kind of Egyptian souvenirs, different diving centers, cafes, camps, and hotels. This area is famous for its Bedouin style cafes that are directly on the beach.

Dahab has two especially exciting activity that it specializes in more than any other city in Sinai: windsurfing and sailing. This is because of the high speed of wind in Dahab due to the fact that the city is surrounded by mountains from all directions. Another famous activity in Dahab is skydiving. Tourists come from all over the world to try skydiving and there are many skydiving schools and services around Dahab. 


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