Beautiful laid-back "Aswan"

It is located in the southern Egypt; it has large number of Nubian people living there after losing their houses for the flood of lake "Nasser" after the construction of "Aswan High Dam."

Aswan is considered one of the sunniest cities int the world and it is a rare thing to see it raining, it gets really hot with average temperature in summer can easily break the forties 40° C but in winter it gets to be more pleasant in which the temperature range goes from 24°C to 29°C. 

it’s a great place to explore that country’s epic history far away from the chaos of Cairo. Take a traditional wooden felucca around Elephantine Island and explore the ruins of the Temple of Khnum 

Aside from visiting the temples of Aswan and taking a Felucca ride in the river there are things you would regret not doing when visiting Aswan. 

1)Visiting "Phiale" temple and enjoy the "Pylon" panorama, when you climb one of the "Pylons" in the temple you get to see an amazing view of the temple complex and the "Nile" river. 

2) Going to the "Nubian Museum" and " Nubian Village" that embraces the Nubian culture and you can get to the village by a boat where you would be sailing between the small islands on the river. 

3) Aswan Botanical Gardens; the entire garden is planted from imported plants from the Far East, India and parts of Africa.

Covering 6.8 hectares, the gardens are filled with birds as well as hundreds of species of flora. its majestic trees are still a stunning, particularly just before sunset when the light is softer and the scent of sandalwood floats on the breeze. (Pro Tip: Avoid Fridays, when the place is invaded by picnicking extended families.)



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